Secure Board Portal Real experience: Benefits, and drawbacks


Protected Board Portal is a convenient software that enables managers to effectively deal with business problems without face-to-face meetings. Even if many have switched to virtual platforms for relationship, entrepreneurs remain interested in their very own advantages, and drawbacks. In this article, become familiar with about the strengths, and weaknesses of such paperless board meeting software platforms, and see a few examples of these kinds of applications.

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Advantages, and drawbacks of Secure Board Web site

The strengths of the Secure Board Website are:

  • The ability to quickly, and effortlessly organize all of the management activities. In the board room , you can organize a gathering, upload files for showing, and generate votes, a matter of minutes, and other docs.

  • Your performance is growing. Nowadays all your tasks are at your fingertips, you can easily delegate guru, and screen the completing tasks because of your colleagues. No need to spend a lot of their time on mind-numbing calls. The meeting can be organized in just a few minutes.

  • Your entire data safe and comfortable. Programs to get managers usually are well guarded – an outsider could not use your account, and the data is trapped in the cloud storage of the program.


    The negatives of applications for managers include a alternatively high cost (which is not at all times cost-effective meant for small businesses), difficulty in selecting, and it can be difficult to learn for the older generation.

    Ways to use, being able to experiment with elements.


    Miro is a platform for remote collaboration using an online board.The board is suitable for composing, creativity, style concepts, idea, and educational objectives. You can add downloaded files, and documents to the board, attract, take ideas, and add stickers. To create a board, you need to use ready-made templates or build them from day one.

    Collaboration in Miro is usually carried out employing text, voice, or video chat, and also sharing articles, and browsing the board in real-time. With a large number of participants, you can enable the “cursor tracking” function, the place that the user might find the actions of the interlocutors.


    Coda is a device for creating and editing paperwork, spreadsheets, and creating online elements. Coda allows you to produce many types of paperwork, such as do the job notes, briefs, project roadmaps, graphics, and more. All capabilities are available in a light-weight user interface that even a newbie user can easily understand.

    Documentation in Coda takes place by using a Google bank account, thanks to that the saved papers go to Google Drive. After logging in, the user is definitely prompted to develop their job, in which you can create an unlimited number of papers.

    Lement Expert

    Lement Pro is a program for controlling orders and automating the workflow. It includes the following features:

    • Process administration: customizable ways, graphical manager, save option versions, end user notification.

    • Work with projects: diagram, delimitation of rights, connection with workflow, reference to processes.

    • Monitoring the delivery of orders: setting process types (CRM, Helpdesk, etc . ), communication, grouping by any criteria, various types of display (list, table, calendar).

    • Formation of goals: computation of a aim based on program objects, difference of gain access to rights, current control.

    • Electric document management: personalized document pc cards (correspondence, agreements, acts, instructions, etc . ), file technology based on customizable templates, routes (approval, signing, and execution), versioning.

    • Electric archive: setting up an archive according to several parameters, considering access privileges.

    • Access privileges management: matrix structure of assigning rights, groups of rights.

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